Goodbye Service, 4K video, colour, sound, 22’ 32”, 2020

Director / Ji-ho Park
Performer / Ji-ho park, Taeho Kim, Dong-pil Jang
Camera / Weon Jeongin, Jisu kim, shihyun Cha, Donghyun lee, Wookyung Jeon
Special Thanks to Jewyo rhii

During the exhibition's de-installation, I dealt with unwanted artworks and contemplated disposal methods from the start. I created a versatile incinerator to handle various art pieces, adjusting its structure as needed. On the final de-installation day, we processed the artworks in a procession, giving a symbolic farewell to these once-monumental objects. The incinerator, too, left the museum after serving its purpose. It was disassembled, with salvageable parts sold and the rest disposed of.