'We all dance, Extended', 4K video, colour, sound, 1’ 35”, 2020

Director / Ji-ho Park
Camera / Jisu kim
Performer / Ji-ho park, Jisu kim, Yaerim Park, Donghyun Lee
Special Thanks to SeungAe Hong

These sculptural installations titled ‘We ALL’, by Artist Seung Ae Hong, were works that were left sitting in the hallway of the artist’s studio after the end of her solo show. These sculptures she calls her ‘babies’ were brought into Love Your Depot and after 5 months of storage, she requested for them to be thrown away.

Thinking about ways to discard works of art, I decided to gather our team to perform(dance) a final Goodbye Waltz for these sculptures.
The basic steps of the waltz were digitally created for us to practice the movements.
And on the last night of the exhibition, when all lights were turned off, these babies were brought out to the main hall, and together, we danced the last Goodbye Waltz.