Worked in Teamdepot on the project "Love Tour Depot_LocusX", London, 2020

The Project "Love Your Depot (LUD)" is a warehouse system proposed by the artist Jewyo Rhii for art pieces. It was introduced at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) during the "Artist of the Year Award 2019" exhibition.

"Team Depot" is a young artist team that envisions stories that can emerge from the artworks stored in the warehouse. Team Depot has its office at Love Your Depot (LUD) and engages in research and interpretation of the artworks and artists in the warehouse to create content. Members share and discuss each other's work and release the created content both online and offline. Team Depot members voluntarily participate and operate individual production channels.

What was initially planned to be a physical third Depot exhibition in the Newcastle space of Locus+, this project has gone through major changes within the past couple of weeks due to the instability of the Corona Pandemic. The withdrawal in the possibility of travel has removed a physical space from Jewyo Rhii’s works imposing on a digitalised form of presentation.⠀
Made in collaboration with Locus+ and KCCUK, LocusX will be presented in three sections: Lecture & Talk, Onsite and Archive. Jewyo Rhii will facilitate the online ‘Lecture & Talk’ where the topic of ‘How we keep the body of art’ will be discussed with artists, curators and collectors from various parts of the world. All three sections will be available for the audience to view and enjoy via the ⁣𝘓𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘠𝘰𝘶𝘳𝘋𝘦𝘱𝘰𝘵.𝘤𝘰𝘮 website.

* This project was conducted with the support of $15,000 as part of the "Arco Cultural Foundation's Overseas Youth Arts Support Program" under the name of Team(Park Jiho, Lee Donghyun, Kim Jisoo).
Team depot Member: Jiho park, Jisu Kim, Donghyun Lee, Jonghuk Lee
Producer: Video / Broadcast
Opening Video
OLocusX Web
Website deveoploer: Jonghuk Lee


I performed the role of documenting and collecting all the materials related to the project.