Worked in Teamdepot on the project "Love Tour Depot_MMCA", 2019-2020

The Project "Love Your Depot (LUD)" is a warehouse system proposed by the artist Jewyo Rhii for art pieces. It was introduced at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) during the "Artist of the Year Award 2019" exhibition.

"Team Depot" is a young artist team that envisions stories that can emerge from the artworks stored in the warehouse. Team Depot has its office at Love Your Depot (LUD) and engages in research and interpretation of the artworks and artists in the warehouse to create content. Members share and discuss each other's work and release the created content both online and offline. Team Depot members voluntarily participate and operate individual production channels.

Team depot Member: Jiho park, Sunmin Kim, Jisu Kim, Yerim Park, Choong-guen Yoon, Donghyun Lee, Hanbyol Cho, Yongseo Jee, Jihee Han, Junwon Kang

Contents :Web / Video


Goodbye service, 2019
We all dance, extended, 2019