Worked with 57STUDIO (Videou Production), 2019-2020

Camera Team
1. SeMA(Seoul Museum of Art)_ Leandro Erlich: Both Sides Now, 2020

Participating as a camera team in the planning and production of a promotional video.
Director: 57STUDIO / Camera: Jeong, wonwoo | Kim,Taewoo / Camera team: Park, Jiho | Lee, Munhong / Cast: Park, Jiho / Motion graphic: Ann, Jaeyeong / Edi/DI: Lee, Meejee
2. National Theater of Korea_ Farewell My Concubine, National Changgeuk Company of Korea, 2019

Documentary film Director :57STUDIO / Camera: Jeoung Wonu, Kim Taewoo, Jeoung Jaeha / Park Jiho / Edit: Lee Meejee, Ahn Jaeyoung / D.I: Lee Meejee
3. SeMoCA_Process of Conservation and Preservation of Artifacts,2020

Director: 57STUDIO / D.O,P: Jung Wonwoo / Camera Team: Yang Young jin, Park ji ho, Kim jisoo / Edit/ D.I : Lee meejee
4. PLATFORM-L_Min Oh:Invitee, Attendee, Absentee, 2020

Research & A.motion graphic

MaytoDay_Spring of Democracy Exhibition Teaser_Artsonje Center, 2020

Director : 57STUDIO / Motion Graphic : Ahn Jaeyoung / Research & A.motion graphic : Park jiho


1. MMCA(National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea) Commission film_ 2020

Director: 57STUDIO / Camera team: Jeong won-woo, Jeang Jeaha Yang Youngjin / Gaffer: Kim Tae Woo / Recording & Mixing: The Veax's Studio / Tape - recording / Subtitles: Park Jiho, Ahn Jaeyoung, Oh Yuchan / Motion Graphic Design: Ahn Jae Young / Sound Design: Yang Yong Jin

2. SeMA(Seoul Museum of Art)_Rise up Rim Dong Sik, 2020

Production: Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Museum of Art, 57STUDIO / Producer/Director: Kim Ho Jung (Seoul Metropolitan Government), Song Go Un (Seoul Metropolitan Government) Crew: / Imaging: Not specified / Camera/Lighting: Jung Won Woo, Jung Jae Ha / Sound: Yang Yong Jin / Sound Director: Baek Jong Sung (The BACS Studio) / Mixing/Mastering: Seo Jung Hyuk, Baek Jong Sung / Piano/Synth: Kim Se Jong / Guitar: Seo Jung Hyuk / Voice Mixing/FX Recording: Kim Hye Jin / Editing/Color Grading: Imaging / English Translation: Jeon Hyo Kyung / English Proofreading: Andy Saint-Louis / Transcription/Subtitles: Park Ji Ho, Ahn Jae Young, Oh Yoo Chan
3. MMCA Art Collection Course, 2019
4. A Period, Hyehwa Art Space, 2019
5. SeMA(Seoul Museum of Art)_Compulsion To Repeat_Omer Fast, 2019