"Sword, Stone, Heroes", Online Exhibtion, 2021

"Sword, Stone, Heroes" Exhibition is an augmented reality (AR) online exhibition inspired by the actions and powers of the objects, the sword and the stone, that gave birth to the hero narrative in the story of King Arthur. The artist distributes AR data for the three objects, 'Caledfwlch', 'Caliburnus', 'Collbrande', for viewers to appreciate in their everyday spaces via their personal smartphones. Additionally, the exhibition includes the video "Draw Your Sword", which can be viewed through a special web structure.

Viewers can experience the 3D-rendered objects through graphic data and capture photos or videos to share on social media. The artist continuously responds to the content generated by viewers during the three-week exhibition period, repositioning participants' links on the web page where the video screening takes place. The data shared by viewers through AR, such as clicking, dragging, zooming, capturing, and recording the artwork, appears to wander above the artist's video, constantly changing the viewing environment.

In 'Sword, Stone, Heroes,' the virtual space in which the objects appear is an interpretation of the floor of the Gangnam Pavilion, transforming it into a revolving depot (Tunr Depot).