Worked as a Director/CFO. "Love Tour Depot_Gangnma Pavilion", Seoul, 2021

"Love Your Depot_Gangnam Pavilion" is a public art project that opened in Seoul's Gangnam District in 2021. The "Love Your Depot" project, initiated in 2019 by the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, serves as a warehouse system for art pieces proposed by Jewyorhii.
This special storage facility in Gangnam District, known as Love Your Depot, is a practical storage space for numerous artworks that would otherwise need to be stored

** This project as part of the Seoul Public Art Project received support from the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Gangnam Cultural Foundation

Artist: Jewyo Rhii

Director / CFO

Documentary video

Turn Depot: A Depot for Physical Artworks

Under Depot: A Depot for Digital Artworks

Inside of Turn Depot: A Depot for Physical Artworks

Developer / Artist

Love Your Depot_Gangnam Pavilion WebSite

Developer: Jiho Park

Online Exhibition _ Sword, Stone and Hero, Jiho Park

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